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 To make a VTMB open world mod

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To make a VTMB open world mod  Empty
PostSubject: To make a VTMB open world mod    To make a VTMB open world mod  EmptyFri Jul 24, 2015 4:47 pm

To make VTMB an open world with a little bit more side quests when I played the game the first time I doesn't get to finish all of the missions
And to make it more interesting to get vampire nps to attack you for stuff that you did in game for example if you finished the game lacrux is dead and some of his poeple are mad so from time to time you we'll get attacked
Or if your still in game for example to sent assasins to take you out some human some vampire like what they did in antitribu with the lasombra there are hunter all over that wait for you + when you finish the game you sort of loos your char you can't use him agian exept in an urly save
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To make a VTMB open world mod  Empty
PostSubject: Re: To make a VTMB open world mod    To make a VTMB open world mod  EmptySun Jul 26, 2015 7:59 am

Okay, give me a team of 20 programmaers and 5 stroy/dialog writers, a new game engine and the copyrights...

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To make a VTMB open world mod
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