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 What is Team Camarilla International?

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What is Team Camarilla International? Empty
PostSubject: What is Team Camarilla International?   What is Team Camarilla International? EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 1:37 am

So something brought you here, what was it? Were you looking to play VTM Bloodlines and found a link to Camarilla Edition? Maybe The Final Nights? Or maybe something else brought you... well it doesn't matter why you're here but you are wondering now that you are, what is Team Camarilla International?

Well I'll try to make this short and sweet (fat chance). It all started with me, Zer0Morph, back in 2006 actually. I finally built a computer fast enough to play VTM Bloodlines and as I finally beat the game for the first (and only) time with my katana wielding Ventrue, I started getting ideas on how the game could be improved. Being that their aren't many Vampire video games I thought either I wait a half century for one that perfectly fits my needs -OR- I start modifying this lovely game.

So I chose the later of the two and the beginning of Camarilla Edition was born. From 2006-2008 I tinkered with modding Bloodlines not really knowing what I was doing. I first began trying to make the disciplines last longer and once I conquered that I started messing with the potency of them. One thing led to another and by the summer of 2009 VTMB: Camarilla Edition 1.0 was born.

From support of the community and many friendships built along the way, several versions were released under my leadership until the final one, version 1.2 in winter 2009. By January of 2010 I was burnt out on modding Bloodlines, so I took a break. I didn't want all that we had accomplished to die so I sought out a successor. Ultimately I handed CE over to Childe of Malkav who had been there since CE's first release. He ran the boards, all the promotions, and continued modding CE over time.

Around March 2010, after a Bloodlines break, I decided to return to the CE scene. I didn't want to continue modding the Camarilla clans so I sought out something more... unique. Thats when I got the idea to reintroduce Bloodlines with 7 new clans never seen before by the community. To do this right I would need help as I didn't have the skills to do everything needed.

First I wanted new NPCs so I had to find a voice actor which is when I met Scarecrow from Bulgaria. From there we needed help with python scripting so I naturally turned to Childe of Malkav from Germany. Then we found ourselves spending too much time doing stupid .lip files for the new NPCs so we recruited The Philosopher from Brazil and he conquered that area. Lastly theRaven from West Hollywood, California stepped in to close out the essentials of TFN allowing us to continue moving forward with success.

With the 5 of us joined together each with different skills we needed a name that brought unity, thus Team Camarilla International was born! The future of our little team of developers is uncertain of course. We may recruite more talent over time or we may be happy with what we have, only time will tell. One thing we do know is that as a whole, the community has joined together from many different countries with many different ideas to bring these unique ideas to light. And for that, if you've wandered in here to take part in the excitment and fun, then you too are a part of Team Camarilla International!

- Zer0Morph
Updated December 2010

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What is Team Camarilla International? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is Team Camarilla International?   What is Team Camarilla International? EmptySun Oct 31, 2010 3:03 pm

Maybe it's not my place to post here, since I'm a rather minor member of TCI... but I was nervous and shaking when I sent Zer0morph my proposal to join, and I almost didn't do it cos I'm a shy guy. Now I'm proud I did it!

Thanks, Zer0morph! cheers
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What is Team Camarilla International? Empty
PostSubject: Thanks, Zer0Morph   What is Team Camarilla International? EmptyWed Oct 17, 2012 8:17 pm

Nice to know.

Trucefully though, this site feels like a social grave. As if all with any dots in social skills were kicked-out so some fierce programmers could reign supreme? What a Face

I have nothing more to offer and can't get Final Nights 1.1 running, henceforth I harshly meddle. monkey

Good Luck with your works and thanks for hosting this site. farao

post skriptum
And wrong were you all! "Vampire Bloodlines - My Ugly Sequel MOD.pdf" did make new players purchase VTMB and check out your mods. After 14000 it rose to 21000 in 2012 and that is more than zero, though not really impressive either. jocolor
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What is Team Camarilla International? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is Team Camarilla International?   What is Team Camarilla International? Empty

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What is Team Camarilla International?
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