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 Discipline: Daimoinon

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Discipline: Daimoinon
Ok now for the first completed discipline in the set. Daimoinon is a diabolic discipline practiced only by the Baali and few other Kindred of the worst kind. Its foul powers are devoted to tapping the dark forces of existance and corrupting the souls of others. Men of faith have defense against this discipline.

Here is a screenshot of the character sheet
Discipline: Daimoinon 240wryc

Tier 1: Blood of the Sinner - There isn't really much to show here. When activated you gain extra blood when feeding on those who have led meaningless lives, such as bums and hookers. There is a neat little effect when you activate it and while it's running you will see embers float around the character.

Discipline: Daimoinon 209poab

Discipline: Daimoinon A48k6t

Tier 2: Rest for the Wicked - This power puts a temporary curse or hex on the victim making them pass out immediately. The effect is really sweet as the victim stands in the middle of a pentagram with candle style flames surround them.

Discipline: Daimoinon 2miau

Discipline: Daimoinon 1408rq

Tier 3: Conflagration - This is where things really heat up (literally). Conflagration allows the Baali to shoot fireballs from his hands doing aggravated fire damage. The effect is totally freakin awesome and the person stands there and tries to put themselves out which usually takes about 3-5 seconds, until that time they sit there and burn and take damage.

Discipline: Daimoinon 24lpp21

Discipline: Daimoinon Idzpnd

Discipline: Daimoinon Rhmr8i

Tier 4: Infernal Servitor - This awesome power allows the Baali to open up a portal under the victim and summon a demon to kill them. When the portal opens, a fierce wind and hot embers will swirl about the victim and a demon's face will rise from the portal. There are several different demons who will appear and will kill the victim in different ways and is totally random as to which demon will appear.

Discipline: Daimoinon Xolaoh

Discipline: Daimoinon Ih6vy9

Discipline: Daimoinon Awqdyd

Discipline: Daimoinon 2mm8d9z

Tier 5: Concordance - Though all of the previous tiers are super fun to play and have awesome graphic and sound FX, Concordance is the true reason to play a Baali. You have achieved the perfect commune with evil and can now summon devils to enter your body and grant you their incredible power. When a demonic entity enters your body you will burst into flames doing aggravated fire damage with your melee attacks. The demon will also take any damage suffered first, before you take any damage working as a buffer. The FX are simply insane with this power and I can't wait to get videos so you can see it more clearly.

Discipline: Daimoinon 4g0wn9

Discipline: Daimoinon 214xs9k

Discipline: Daimoinon 10mvqwz

Discipline: Daimoinon 28bwdub

Discipline: Daimoinon 2v10x3p

Discipline: Daimoinon Nzhkas
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Discipline: Daimoinon
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