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 Ghoul - Alexander Thorne

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Ghoul - Alexander Thorne Dark_Passenger

The story behind this one is as follows. A friend says "Hey Rudest. I wanna make a ghoul character for a friends rp but I don't know who to use for an Avatar" so I reply with, "well tell me something about the character."

He describes to me the ghoul servent of a malkavian who works in a morgue, to make sure the police nor the camirilla find out about his occasional midnight murders. He said his idea for the ghoul was for it to start sliding into a methodical sociopathic homicidle decline himself. (Side-Effect of the malk vitae) whilst maintaining his facade and destroying/altering evidence for both him and his master. And, as you guessed, my FAVORITIST show came to mind, Dexter. It also reminded me of the Ghoul in the blood blank from VtM:B.

I suggested Dexter, then offered to make it (Since thats prolly why he came to me anyway).. lol... Not one of my best, but it will do until I can make him better.
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Ghoul - Alexander Thorne
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