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 Bordeaux's Toreador

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PostSubject: Bordeaux's Toreador   Bordeaux's Toreador EmptyTue Mar 08, 2011 8:21 am

Toreador were very numerous as in all French cities, and overall powerful, until the WWII and Bordeaux's occupation by Nazi Germany and the resistance.
Most Toreador left or died when Tarcisus was in power, and didn't return when Gosuin took the Princedom, as they were not openly welcome anymore. After all, they didn't fight or didn't see it coming ! Those who stayed or came back are still a good number (in France, 50% of all Vampire population are part of the clan) but do not represent much power other than their number and their contacts with kine.

Darvault, Grégory
Elder, Primogen
Awesome and talented writter of the 17th century and current Toreador Primogen, Gregory is true and sincere about listening to his clan's expectancies. He took this role when his Lady disappeared in the 1850's. During a recent Sabbat attack, Gregory is told to have spent the entire combat under a table.
Gregory is a thin man in his late 20's or early 30's with an average height. He has short dark hair and dark eyes. He wears squary glasses and has adapted to modern looks in all smoothness (bobo look, maybe a little hiptser).

Main traits : Inoffensive, Approachable, Seductive, Educated, Well-spoken and Shallow. Gregory prefers mundane talks and, as long as possible, not get involved. He does enjoy being social, though.

Delacour, Urbain
Ancillae with Experience
Painter embraced in the 1910's, Urbain is known for having sired Alicia in the 1950's and this destroyed his career and image. He thought she was the writter of a excellent book that was actually written by Gregory. His vernissages are the place to be to see him being humiliated by his own Childe, and many Kindred think this is very fun.
Urbain is a strong short man in his late 30's. He has long dark straight hair and has blue eyes.

Main traits : Passionate, Expressive, Secretive, Sheltered, Loner and Mistrusting. Urbain isolates himself most of the time, when he "creates".

Lehin, Jérôme
Glass blower from the early 1900's, he was embraced in Toulouse by Gregory and moved to Bordeaux with his Sire. Jérôme was the companion and sire of Annabelle Vicomte who disappeared in the latest Sabbat attack. Since then he is rarely seen. People know him very little. He is the Mandataire of the clan Toreador, which means he's the one who organizes Toreador Events and Vernissages. He was part of a coterie with Laure Nolveaux, Claudia Vonigner and Thomas Durieux (deceased during the latest attack), and they seem to have stayed in good terms with each others.
Jerome is a quite tall (1m82) very thin man with very light short hair and gray eyes.

Main traits : Well-Mannered, Secretive, Soft-Spoken, Approachable, Attentive and Attractive. Unlike her coterie member Laure, Jerome is more quiet and mysterious.

Nolveaux, Laure
Ancillae, Elyseum Keeper
Current Elyseum Keeper, Laure is a Art Nouveau goldsmith and jewelry maker. She was embraced in the the 1900's in Bordeaux. She had a childe who suffered diablerie by a Sabbat infiltrate in 2000. Laure investigated with Bordeaux's Sheriff to search and destroy the Sabbat culprit, his coterie, and the Malkavian Robert Degrelle who was covering them up.
Laure is a tall nordic and strong woman in her 20's. She has long blonde curly hair and green eyes. She dresses in a woman's suit, but with pants rather than a skirt.

Main traits : Passionate, Professional, Approachable, Educated and Well-Mannered. Although she can fight, and she does it quite well, Laure is also a big figure among high society and she moves between them very well. She has a stronger temper than her fellow coterie member Jerome.

Vanderstree, Alicia
Neonate, Harpy
Alicia was embraced by mistake in the 1960's, she gained the Harpy status by humiliating her sire the very same night she was presented, which allowed her to be accepted as a Kindred.
Alicia is an average height and weight but beautiful woman in her late 20's. She has reddish, blonde Venetian hair and brown eyes. She dresses with nice and expensive very feminine clothing to be seen and desirable.

Main traits : Arrogant, Self-confident, Seductive, Eloquent, Elegant, Beautiful, Smart and Manipulative. Alicia is "a rich drop dead gorgeous bitch", she has the looks and the brains, after all...
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Bordeaux's Toreador
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