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 Histories and clans

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Histories and clans Empty
PostSubject: Histories and clans   Histories and clans EmptyFri Jul 29, 2011 12:06 am

I thought I posted this before, and if I did and it got pulled I apologize - I've gotten no message.
It does say "Ask any question" Cool

I enabled histories in my game (The Final Nights). Jack didn't like it but with a little coaxing he's learned to deal Smile

Anyway, the histories don't match up with the clans the way I would expect based on the templates:

Assamite - Brujah
Baali - Gangrel
Followers of Set - Malkavian
Istarri - Nosferatu
Osebo - Toreador
Salubri - Tremere
Samedi - Ventrue

Everywhere else, the new clans seem to match the clandoc template they are based on. Any ideas why there's a mismatch here?
Probably something obvious I'm overlooking...
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Histories and clans
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