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 problem with the game : no control over the moves of the pc

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PostSubject: problem with the game : no control over the moves of the pc   Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:53 am

Hello everyone

I'm posting this thread because I'm having a problem with the game since I installed the clan mod v2.0 (along with the camarilla mod 1.2, arsenal, music mods and several skins found in the clan mod installer) ;

I'm playing on bloodlines , european version . I installed the official v1.2 patch over a clean cd install.

it was what the clan mod installer was recommanding (is this right?) ; I find it odd because the readme in the installer also instructed to install the mod in the vampire-bloodlines directory, while it actualy needed to be installed in the \vampire subdirectory (I found this out by myself after I installed the mod once and it didn't work).

Anyway, here's the root of my problem : I have problems controlling the main character. Every time I walk in a direction, after a while the pc gets jammed and continues forward, and I'm not able to strafe, move the mouse, change direction, stop going forward, etc... Essentially, it s as if the game couldn't process the control instructions for a few seconds, like the computer's ram was overloaded. I got most of these problems in the ressources-heavy areas like hubs, or during fight situations. I got less of these problems when I use the autowalk feature : using it instead of going forward makes the pc more responsive, but is hard to use all the time.

These problems make the game quite unplayable. The thing is, my pc can run the original game fine ; I tried to reduce resolution and details but it doesn't really help. I'm suspecting it culd have something to do with the auto-walk run feature, or with a newly added component which could use much RAM to the detriment of the game's controls.

So here are my questions :
-Do you have any idea what is happening? Could a feature of the mod cause these problems, maybe due to a ram expensive feature?
-Any advice on resolving the problem?
-Is there a way I can remove the auto run walk feature, to see if it improves the situation? which files should I move elsewhere?

Thanks for your help.

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PostSubject: Re: problem with the game : no control over the moves of the pc   Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:01 pm

Hey there, welcome to the site...

That's an interesting problem you have there. I can't really comment on CQM and the files used in CQM because I've never really beta tested or played it long enough to determine if that is the reason. You may want to scrap your install and the mods and reinstall the game, after that it's reinstalled with a fresh copy of Bloodlines I would play the game for a bit in the vanilla state to see if you are having the same issues without any mods installed.

If you verify that you can indeed run the game just fine, then I would install CE 1.3 without any other patches or mods (even Official Patch 1.2, CE 1.3 comes with it) and see if you can run that without problems. If you can run that then you know that it's something within the CQM program that your system doesn't like.

As far as the autowalk/run feature. Go into your \Vampire\cfg\ folder and find the file called autoexec.cfg. Open that up with notepad and you will see this at the bottom...

alias run "-speed;bind SHIFT walk"
alias walk "+speed;bind SHIFT run"
bind SHIFT walk
alias go "+forward;bind ALT stop"
alias stop "-forward;bind ALT go"
bind ALT go

The top 3 lines controls the Toggle walk/run and the bottom 3 lines controls the Auto walk/run, simply delete out whichever feature you don't like and save it, that will take that feature out of the game.

Let us know if that helps...
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PostSubject: Re: problem with the game : no control over the moves of the pc   Sat Aug 07, 2010 6:46 pm

Looks like an overflow in the keyboard buffer to me. That would also explain why "autowalk" doesn't cause this problem. I don't know how you have configured the game keys, and if it makes a differnce if you use one of the letters or an arrow key for your movement. I use up-arrow for walking forward, and never had any troubles.

- geek

- geek

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PostSubject: Re: problem with the game : no control over the moves of the pc   

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problem with the game : no control over the moves of the pc
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