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 Discipline: Thanatosis

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PostSubject: Discipline: Thanatosis   Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:41 pm

Discipline: Thanatosis
Ok now for the third completed discipline in the set. Thanatosis meaning "death" and -osis meaning "state of disease", is the exclusive discipline of the Samedi bloodline. Thanatosis involves manipulating effects of death and decomposition, and is in some ways similar to Necromancy.

Here is a screenshot of the character sheet

Tier 1: Infection - Infection is your basic single target debuff discipline. For Kine, the infection simply reduces all of their combat Feats by -10 for 20 seconds. For Kindred, it effects them in both penalty and time for 1/2 the amount. It's hard to show the awesome graphics and sound that goes with this ability, but trust me, the oozing bubbles and dark greenish/black gas makes this a favorite.

Tier 2: Necrosis - The next two disciplines are by far my favorites in the entire set. This discipline actively drains the victim of their Stamina and gives it to you for the next 60 seconds. Each target will vary in Stamina therefore varying the amount drained, so you may drain 3, 4, or maybe even 5 Stamina for the next 60 seconds. When you activate the discipline on the target, a large ball of diseased goo fires from the victim and hits you with a large "Splat" sound. At that point you will actively drip dark green slime as long as the discipline is in effect, and the target in turn will also drip the same goo signifying that they are the one that was effected.

Tier 3: Enervation - This discipline is just like Necrosis, except it targets the victim's Strength instead of Stamina. Just like Necrosis, you can watch as a ball of goo flies across the screen and you absorb the victim's Strength. Instead of green diseased goo dripping, this time a diseased aura with bubbles will form around your hands for the next 60 seconds, and in turn will form around the target that was effected. Enervation and Necrosis together make a great combo and can quickly make your Samedi extremely dangerous in melee combat.

Tier 4: Contagion - This next discipline is incredible useful for debuffing a large group of enemies at once. I played around with this and it was a life saver in many situations. It basically mimics what Infection does except not only does it last 30 seconds instead of 20, but also effects everyone in a large radius. The only drawback is because of the potency of the infection and the fact that its so contagious, it does cost blood to use.

Tier 5: Compress - This discipline is not for the feint hearted, and the screenshots clearly show this. This discipline allows the Samedi to shrink the skin of the target until the pressure gets so great that they explode. When used, you can hear bones cracking, skin stretching, and organs mashing. If you're into gore, blood, and guts then you'll love this discipline.

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Discipline: Thanatosis
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