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 The Water Mirror

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The Water Mirror - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Water Mirror   The Water Mirror - Page 6 EmptyWed Jul 31, 2013 11:11 pm


As Duncan returns, his movements are careful and deliberate.  Miriel is already back, leaning against the bike.  She seems okay until her greeting, which is a bit too cheerful.  The Brujah shakes his head and tries not to smile, although the latter is not totally successful.

I hate getting a secondhand buzz.  That's the problem with fast food.  He picks up the helmet, and hands it to Miriel.  Here; you wear this; I'm impaired enough as it is.  I'll tell any cops I was being chivalrous.

Duncan seats himself on the bike, and starts it up.  When Miriel hops on, he takes off, being very careful to focus, and drive safely.  Not too slow, though; that's a red flag for the police.

(Continued in the 'The arcade : Causeway bay gamecenter' thread.)
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The Water Mirror
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