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 TFN 1.1 Outdated (Spoilers Inside)

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TFN 1.1 Outdated (Spoilers Inside) Empty
PostSubject: TFN 1.1 Outdated (Spoilers Inside)   TFN 1.1 Outdated (Spoilers Inside) EmptySun Feb 26, 2012 3:03 pm

First off I wanted to thank the TFN 1.1 Beta testing team for helping out with this. 1.1 has been in the making for nearly 1 year so I'm very excited that we're at this stage of production. Here are the list of Beta Testers for this round of TFN and only they should be posting in this section.

TFN 1.1 Beta Testing Team
Childe of Malkav

To: The Beta Testers

Obviously ANY bug you find should be reported here, however I want all 4 of you to concentrate your efforts on the new content of 1.1. Below is a list of the new content and how to get started with them. Good Luck!

Bug Fixes left over from 1.0 (Please check these out to make sure they are working)
- Prostitute in Cemetery no longer swaps models
- .308 ammo no longer duplicates in vendor list
- Frenzy counter stops when using Heart of Darkness discipline
- Only Salubri can heal Mercurio
- Enigmatic Quest can be started from downtown havens
- Easier to sneak past guard in tutorial using Obfuscate 1
- Isaac gives cash instead of the occult item if PC already has occult item
- Reverted Glaze club back to a combat zone
- Ox no longer sells Key of Alamut to avoid conflict w/ Pishas gift
- Mugging SM Blueblood no longers incurs a Masquerade Violation
- Broken quest line "Gargoyle Removal Service" has been fixed
- VCD dialogue issues with Regent
- VV no longer sends love email if you killed Hatter
- Vesuvius music rotates properly, no more blank tracks
- SM Blue Blood no longer walks down the alley when charmed by Serpentis
- Learning from Bertram from CD quest now works properly
- Santa Monica Hub 1 ambient sewer music fades properly
- Missing Salubri hand models displaying in first person
- Fixed female Salubri forehead scar
- Samedi no longer gets Masquerade Violations from Hunters
- Hunter battles no longer summon police in hubs

New Content and other Changes
- Created "A Pyramid's Deception" side quest for Baali only
    Must play as Baali, you will find the book in your mailbox at the beginning of the game which starts the quest
- Created "Obstruction of Justice" side quest for all clans
    Must defeat Gimble and have at least 1 Masquerade Violation, then check your email
- Created "Rendezvous with Reed" side quest for all clans
    Speak with Trip about learning about hacking, lockpicking, and weapons
- Created "Bad for Business" side quest for all clans
    Speak with Jimmy about Santa Monica    
- Created progressive particle effect for Fortitude
- Created progressive particle effect for Potence
- Matched sell value to worth value for all Occult items
- Earn 1 XP for having sex with Jeanette
- Rebalanced melee weapons (Bashing does more dmg, Lethal does less)
- Rebalanced Zhao map so the Tong use different firearms
- Changed Setite Attribute order to Social, Mental, Physical
- Created (36) Stat Shuffler histories for all the clans
- New ambient music added to hubs and other locations by original composer Rik Schaffer
- Isaac's gift is now the Mummywrap Fetish
- Ox now sells the Saulocept
- Added explanation of missing disciplines on mousewheel through loading screens
- Added explanation of missing disciplines on mousewheel through tutorial pop-ups
Play the tutorial to see the new pop-up
- Can now intimidate the clinic guard in Santa Monica
- Added additional pedestrians to Santa Monica Hub
- Added additional pedestrians to Downtown Hub
- Added additional pedestrians to Hollywood Hub
- Added additional pedestrians to Chinatown Hub
- Restored Scholarship title removing Academics title
- Starting money depends on Haggle feat
- Updated main menu and character creator for TFN 1.1
- Created new NPC 'Silvia Black'
- Swapped chinatown blood doll model w/ chinese pedestrian to avoid duplicates
- Updated the credits
- Added Male Salubri to PC list
- Remodeled and reskinned Male Salubri armor sets
- Expanded Hunter walking routes
- Installed payphones and security camera in Santa Monica arcade
- Created new NPC 'Jimmy Reed'
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TFN 1.1 Outdated (Spoilers Inside)
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