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 Clan Based Havens

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PostSubject: Clan Based Havens   Clan Based Havens EmptyThu Jan 30, 2014 8:17 pm

Would this be a feasible idea at all? I just finished a playthrough of VtMB today and it occurred to me that I really loved the house the Tzimisce was using (minus the snuff and gore, of course).

I thought: this would be a great place for my Toreador, should he get it cleaned up. What I'm thinking is that you would get the haven based on your clan and which faction you were most friendly with. Example: Toreador -> friendly with Camarilla -> King's Drive (or whatever it's called) like haven.

Also, it would be fantastic to get a male blood doll to have around. I really like that yuppy guy who you meet right outside your haven in Santa Monica.

Oh, and getting to the haven would require going to the taxi driver.

So, how does this idea sound?
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PostSubject: Re: Clan Based Havens   Clan Based Havens EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 9:08 am

For the haven, I intend to make a permanent one for every player, regardless of clan and faction. My idea is to use the Giovanni mansion as a kind of "kindred hotel", run by a ghoul or sect independent vampire. It would not be on any hub, but located on a map of its own.
The big advantage of doing it this way is: There are enough rooms to live in, a large library and enough space including a pool to replace the internet college from CE, thus making learning a bit more realistic. Access is as easy (or difficult), no matter which hub you're currently playing.

Hope I can solve the technical problems. Probably have to put it in the museum place on the cab map, and change the prince dialog so you're sent there directly. Something like:
-If I'm to get the sarcophagus, I need transport.
Then you get keys for a truck and You're taken there immediately...

For a male blooddoll, I agree, but there is the problem of fitting texts. In CE I have put a male doll in the empire hotel bar, and in Asp Hole.
If you mean replacing heather by a male ghoul that is more difficult because of the longer dialog needed. If this problem can be overcome, I intend to give the player the choice between ghouling Heather, or convincing the doctor to treat her first, and then ghoul his current patient.

Of course in my mod, ghouling any hospital patient to save their live would get you an xp and a masquerade violation. Making the descision to let one of the patients die also gets you the xp, but a humainty loss instead of the masquerarade violation. And having Heather die out of indescision on your part leads to humanity loss without xp gain...
After all, consequences of your actions is what a good roleplay should be about. (And humanity will be more important in my new project, if I can get it from my mind to my hard disc.)


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Clan Based Havens
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