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 A little character inspiration...

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A little character inspiration... Empty
PostSubject: A little character inspiration...   A little character inspiration... EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 9:14 pm

Oh, hi guys. This is a VTR thing, but character inspiration can come from anywhere. B)

Right now I'm working on a character who I'm feeling a little stumped on trying to really breathe life (pun not intended) into and make him dynamic and well rounded.

So far, I have him as a Daeva (sexy vamps) Acolyte (member of the Circle of the Crone; pagan vamps) who is a couple decades old (vampire age wise, he appears to be in his early twenties). I had some initial trouble with his concept as I had an image in my head of him but no idea how to put him into words. The best concept I came to was 'pretty boy cultist'. He's the type who looks very fashionable and is very sociable but is also forming his own cult to venerate ancient British deities as well as being very interested in the occult/mythology.

His aspirations are to form a mortal cult, increase the Circle's influence in the city he is residing in and to score a modelling contract (as a source of income and to keep him occupied).

His Mask (Demeanour) is Cult Leader but I am unsure of what his Dirge (Nature) might be. I was thinking about it being Monster but Monster's description didn't quite fit what I had in mind. I was thinking something more along the line of the Circle's philosophy of 'If I'm going to be a monster, I better be a good one,' rather than just being a life hating murderous psychopath (if such a term can be applied to a Kindred). A lot of the Masks and Dirges are direct copies of VTMB Natures and Demeanours.

Other than all this, I'm not sure where I want to go. I want him to be a more experienced vampire and have a reputable status within the Circle but I don't want him to be too advanced. I really wish I could have come up with a mortal history before I did this but it just wasn't coming to me.

If anyone has any suggestions, please speak up!
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A little character inspiration...
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