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PostSubject: Disciplines   Disciplines EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 12:54 pm

Disciplines everyone ! Here are the disciplines used in VTM 3rd (or revised) edition :
I'm keeping them simple and clear, as for me, most disciplines don't fail if nothing goes against them (Generation limitation for Dominate or a ritual forbidding disciplines).
If you happen to need to use a Discipline, please state it as "Discipline, power level (if needed), means" (Auspex 2, to read Lyle Kersten's Aura ; Celerity, to catch that falling glass before it breaks ; Dominate 3, to make the guy forget he saw me feeding).

I'd like you guys to put into spoiler brakets (which are written [spoiler = xx] [/ spoiler] but without the space) your current feelings on any post that is of importance. It's mostly for Auspex 2 users, if you're hiding your wrath, your lying (but they don't know the truth, they just know you're lying), your honesty, your fear... It's also for some Animalism users who might be spying on you with a cat. Of course, if you're running in fear, don't mind the spoiler brakets, it's evident that you're afraid Very Happy

Even if you're minding your own business in your haven, maybe there's an Auspex 5 user watching you. I might ask you in MP some precisions.

The idea behind this is that you do not know who knows, why do they know, how do they know. I might edit your post to change the xx of the brakets to who might know. So it'll be for perception 3 and more, auspex 2, empathy 3+... or maybe I'll tell a player "you can clic on that spoiler braket, as your character knows this because of Y reason" (which might be a sixth sense, a whisper, a dominate effect, a Tremere ritual...)

Please, take great care in differenciating what YOU, the player, knows, to what your character knows. If you happen to clic on that spoiler braket because you're curious, but your character has no idea, your character STILL has no idea, so don't make him act like he could know. It's easier to stay true to your character when you, the player, don't know what's going on. We're talking about a conspiracy, manipulative, secrecy game, so the secrets being hidden to the players are as important as the secrets themselves.

So, disciplines ! Again, I kept them simple as basic observation skills, rumors and what your sire has tought you. You might not be able to differenciate a Presence effect from a Dominate one, as some symptoms are similar, but you know that Toreador do not Dominate, whereas Ventrue, Malkavian and Tremere do... usually.

Animalism allows a Kindred to interact with animals and beasts of any kind.
* Feral Speech : Speak telepathically with an animal whose eyes you meet. You may ask him a favor (if he feels like it !)
** Beckoning : Summon animals of a particular type, species to you.
*** Song of Serenity : Soothe a creature, making them docile. Mostly used to calm a fellow Kindred's Beast (and avoid a Frenzy), but also to shut down their drive.
**** Subsume the Spirit : Possess the body of an animal and acts through him. The Vampire enters torpor while his spirit is in the animal's body. It's harder to get the animal act against its instincts (Willpower is used).
***** Drawing Out the Beast : When about to frenzy send your Beast into another person, who frenzies instead of you.

Auspex is an extension of your Perception, up to surnatural levels.
* Heightened Senses : Raise one of your five sense to superhuman levels.
** Aura Perception : By watching someone's aura, you can learn their kind (human, kindred, mage, werewolf...), some qualities (has done Diablery..), and their current state of mind (angry, jealous, happy, innocent, lying...) by the color.
*** The Spirit's Touch : By touching an object, you can feel it's psychic residues, giving you a glance of its previous owner, or the owner who used it the most. Horacio from CSI would LOVE this power Wink
**** Telepathy : Briefly probe someone's mind or project a telepathic message to them
***** Psychic Projection : Free your mind to travel the world in astral form, as your body enters torpor. Careful not to get lost, as a fine frail string is the only tie to your body.

Celerity is a Dexterity boost.
Celerity is a discipline to gain reflexes, quickness and move faster than a normal person would. It provides additional actions to use in the same turn. The more celerity, the more actions. The Kindred violate any physics law, but it doesn't affect the objects he uses. This means if he throws a knife, the knife will not move faster, and he can't fire multiple gun rounds, as he has to wait for the mecanics to go back in place before pushing the trigger again. But he can give multiple sword strikes Wink
Each dot in Celerity allows you to have one more action in the same turn, but you need to declare you burned a blood point. Celerity is only effective for the next turn. You can have celerity have a longer effect by spending another blood point in this turn, for the next turn, and so on. Burning a blood point doesn't "use" your turn, but it take a turn to activate.

Dominate is a Manipulation-based discipline.
To use Dominate, some restrictions are made : first, it only works if you're looking into the eyes of the victim. Second, the victim needs to understand the language of the Kindred, and the Kindred has to be clear (if there's a confusion, a quiproquo, it won't work). Third, it doesn't work on Vampire whose Generation is lower than yours (although equal is ok). And last, Dominate can't force the target into killing himself or act deliberatly against his Nature.
Using Dominate to obtain what you want or make a Gangrel bark in public just for the lulz, in public, is seen as quite rude, heavy-handed and very inappropriate.
* Command : Give a simple order of one or two words that a target must obey right now. Run, scream, sleep, go away, laugh.
** Mesmerize : You can implant false thoughts or hypnotic suggestions in a target's mind. This can make the victim give you a phone call and say a certain sentence if he ever.. sees Lyle Kersten in his PJs, for example.
*** The Forgetful Mind : This allows you to erase or change the memories of the target.
**** Conditioning : Over time make a target a slave to your will only. This power basicly makes a target easier to manipulate for you, and harder to other kindred, and eye contact begins to be not necessary anymore.
***** Posession : Transfer your mind into a mortal body and control their actions. A bit like the Animalism power.

Fortitude is all about your Stamina.
Fortitude is a bit like Celerity and Potence in how it works. There are no "powers", it's just a physical enhancement. Fortitude is passive, and it allows your character to soak, or at least reduce Aggravated damage, whereas a Kindred without it can only hope to survive and heal it. Of course, Kindred with fortitude can soak normal dammage better than the ones who don't have it, but the higher the stamina, the better.

The direct opposite of Auspex, Obfuscate is based on fucking with people's perception and loling about it. Obfuscate does not give you invisibility, and if a picture is taken where you are, you will appear on the picture, as much as on a video camera. The people DO see the Nosferatu, they just don't register him, it doesn't print in their minds, it was another tree.
* Cloak of Shadows : Remain hidden so long as you do not move, while using a little bit of your environment as a base (a piece of wood fence is enough, you'll magicly be "as thin as the post" and remain "hidden" under it)
** Unseen Presence : Become invisible to others so long as you do not attract attention, you may move slowly. If there are many people moving, if you do not move, people will "avoid you" and not walk on your feet.
*** Mask of a Thousand Faces : Change your appearance to mimic someone else, or create a new identity (this one is harder). Nossies use this power to make themselves "me, but better looking" (still very ugly, but at least not surnatural-ugly).
**** Vanish from the Mind's Eye : Disappear right from in front of someone, even in conversation. The person will just forget about what was going on, as they were just day dreaming.
***** Cloak the Gathering : Extend your Obfuscate powers to others. Yep, all of the above, up to 5 people, if they are all in contact (like, holding hands or what not).

Alright, the last very physical, innate "natural" discipline ! Potence duplicates your strenght. It's half passive, as you may chose either to use it or not to use it.
It basicly adds success to any strenght-based action (mostly a fist in your face).

Presence is an extend of Charisma, either to be loved or feared.
* Awe : Make your words seem interesting and reasonable to those who hear you, to make heads turn when you pass, to be the only one glowing, to be noticed.
** Dread Gaze : Frighten someone with eye contact. The target may run in fear, stand there without being able to act, or laugh with his nerves, depending on the Nature of the Target.
*** Entrancement: Make someone obsessively want to please you, to be by your side, to approuve whatever you say.
**** Summon : Compel someone, anyone you know to come to you immediately, without being conscious of it.
***** Majesty : Appear as a figure of absolute power and authority, bows, obey, respect, and admire.

Clan specific disciplines

Protean, for Gangrels
The Metarmophosis discipline, this discipline gave the image of the Vampire transforming in a bat or a wolf. This discipline is a huge Blood consumer, and the transformations take more time (a couple of minutes) as the power are more advanced.
* Eyes of the Beast : A Gangrel gets very red, bright eyes that allow him to see in complete, true dark (Auspex can enhance your vision, but you still need a little bit of light, like cats)
** Feral Claws : the Gangrel controlss the beast withing him enough to allow him to grow claws that do aggravated dammage
*** Earth Meld : A Gangrel uysing this power can blend himself into the Earth, where he can rest and go through the day. This only works where there is earth (woods, parks, a garden).
**** Shape of the Beast : The Gangrel transforms into either a 4 legged predator (a wolf, a big feline..) or a flying pretador (a crow, a bat..).
***** Mist Form : Transform into a cloud of mist, allowing the Gangrel to go through fences, pipes.. and become immaterial.

Thaumaturgy, for Tremere
Most characters, apart from the Tremere characters, understand Thaumaturgy as being "Blood magic and blood control". They know a Tremere can guess their clan and lineage, they know the Tremere can steal blood from them (but it shows), and they can torture a kindred by making his blood boil, but Tremere keep this as a secret, they don't talk about it as they may be punished very hardly for it ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Disciplines   Disciplines EmptySat Dec 07, 2013 7:32 am

hmm...I think you need Serpentitus here...I'll help

Serpentis is the legacy of Set, his gift to his children. The
Followers of Set carefully guard this Discipline’s secrets, teaching the reptilian art only to those they deem worthy (almost
never outsiders). Most Cainites fear the Setites purely because of
this Discipline, the way of the serpent and the tempter. Serpentis
can evoke an almost primordial fear in others, particularly those
who recall the tale of Eden. After all, hiss the Setites, the serpent
was an evil older than even Caine himself.
* The Eyes of the Serpent: This power grants the Setite the legendary hypnotic gaze of
the serpent.
** The Tongue of the Asp: The Setite may lengthen her tongue at will, splitting it into
a fork like that of a serpent. The tongue may reach 18 inches, and
makes a terrifyingly effective weapon in close combat.
*** The Skin of the Adder: By calling upon her Blood, the vampire may transform her
skin into a mottled, scaly hide. A vampire in this form becomes
more supple and flexible.
**** The Form of the Cobra: The Setite may change his form into that of a huge black cobra.
***** The Heart of Darkness: The Setite with mastery of Serpentis may pull her heart
from her body. She can even use this ability on other Cainites,
although this requires several hours of gruesome surgery.
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PostSubject: Re: Disciplines   Disciplines EmptyMon Dec 16, 2013 5:41 pm

Serpentis? HAH! Who needs that stuff. We need Obtenebration here! particular reason really....just...we need it......  Rolling Eyes 
*runs away*
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