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 Le Grand Théâtre

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PostSubject: Re: Le Grand Théâtre   Mon Nov 04, 2013 4:33 am

(Gosuin) It all comes down to this item. If the Tremere lied about having it, they may have lied about its localization as well, since this wolf's hangout is the Park, basically at the opposite of Jacob's domain. If the Camarilla did send her, then they entrusted her with a mission beyond her capacities. Amateur move.

The situation seems to annoy him to a certain point,
(Gosuin) I don't think Kersten responds well to names and status, so I have to agree with you. I'll convoke Alicia and have a word with her.

He nods when he sees the phone.
(Gosuin) Yes, you should leave. Celine will call the police, before some curious mortal with good ears does it, so you shouldn't stay around.

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Caine's Progeny
Caine's Progeny

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PostSubject: Re: Le Grand Théâtre   Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:31 am

Duncan listens to the Prince's words, and nods in agreement when told that he should leave.

Yes, sir.  I'll be going then.  If I find out anything about the missing Lupine, I'll let you know.
Duncan turns back toward the stairway, but not before he passes close to Celine and tells her:  Good shot.  Then he's out of the deambulatoire and heading downstairs.

As he moves down the staircase, Duncan dials a number on his phone.  While it's ringing, he pauses to look at the ghoul's body again, as if he would like to stop and investigate; but he continues toward the exit.
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Le Grand Théâtre
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