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 VtM: Character Perspectives

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Maxus Corvin
Maxus Corvin

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VtM: Character Perspectives Empty
PostSubject: VtM: Character Perspectives   VtM: Character Perspectives EmptySun Apr 07, 2013 3:25 pm

And now, for something completely different. Well, not by much, but close enough.

As it seems a rather interesting idea(which some 'done before' ones are), this will describe what a character thinks of the Kindred clans/bloodlines, the sects, among other things. Not all characters will have a view on certain things, as they may not know or care about it enough. Also, it isn't likely that I will be doing these for every character, as that would likely get repetitive, if not just boring. These will be for characters in the stories I've posted here. Some might contain spoilers, but they will not concern anything that hasn't been posted yet. I do recommend reading the stories before these, as they might spoil some of the plots.

Jackal's Perspective

The Clans

Assamite: "I find myself laughing. Both because of the name, and because I understand. But I would never do it twice, where they are addicted. "

Baali: "Disgust at the highest levels. Some Tzimisce would claim otherwise, but they would not use such tricks, nor would they consort with uncontrollable demons."

Brujah: "Their forefathers might've been what their founder would've intended, but it is a saddening thing when such a change occurs. Those with any want to be more than a fighter, is of a minority that does not go far. If I would need my behind, or any part of myself kicked, they would be useful. Not that I need them, though."

Cappadocian: "A shame. Sad that I never got to know one properly. Not to mention a sign of just how devious kindred can be."

Followers Of Set: "Not always the fanged serpents they are taken for, but does that mean they should be trusted? Perhaps not."

Gangrel: "Not animals, as some would think. Although they might consider themselves such, they are more than just dead souls with a understanding of a feral nature, which many kindred fight against understanding."

Giovanni: "Although they might've offered what their predecessors only promised, they did so in a way that, for some, was unforgivable. Now, most don't know the name of why they are kindred, nor do they care."

Lasombra: Those who live in shadow, and must bare their face to all who walk the halls of their havens, even if they may not be within it, they lead a curious un-life."

Malkavian: "Hmm...why, why would you ever think that even a well structured, in-depth summary, much less over a million words would suffice to explain?"

Nosferatu: "Not the spawn of Hollywood, but humans would believe that we all are. With this clan, however, their strong-suit would be their cunning ability to gather knowledge, and their willingness to sell it to whoever has something they want – not their visage."

Ravnos: "Hmm....I almost want to say, I don't know. But then, I don't care.

Salubri: "Another shame. Suspected of something that may be nothing more than lies. But who should you trust? Them, or the Tremere? "

Toreador: "Pretty people. Dolls. I like the ones who look good, but care far more about those that don't snarl at every little speck of dust on their clothing."

Tremere: "Blood magic. Sin of the highest order, even among the damned. Only trust them if you aren't tethered to their blood. Or if you have no ties to what they were. But even then, you might consider otherwise."

Tzimisce: "If creation is what humans seek to do, this clan seeks to change what already exists. I can admire the sick sense of humor, but soon enough, all I feel is sick."

Ventrue: "Azure blood. Eyes that focus on red and green. If you can trust them, it only depends on how much of them you are willing to take. Some of them might only want to take you, even if you are not keen on giving."

Catiff: "Poor, unfortunate souls. Why? All the urge, with no reason, and little to no knowledge of what strings pull them.

Ghouls: "Sad things at times. But they are a reminder of what is lost, although, am I wrong for liking to touch her? She is so soft, and warm. And...have I said too much?"

The Sects

Camarilla: "Not entirely foolish, but to deny what was true for centuries? But then again, it is easier to be in power, when all your flock believes you the only one with it."

Sabbat: "All Vampires seek blood. But they seek it in the excess, and their want to have bodies at their beck and call, is, if nothing else, monstrous."


Kuei-Jin: "Someone please! SPARE ME THESE SELF-RIGHTEOUS CORPSES? I can't take their poison laced words ANYMORE! Every single one has it, and why? Because I am, in their mind, without purpose. So they think!"

Werewolves: "Wolf. Wolf. Something else that cares about my body being dead. Shame I don't intend in seeing one. Aside from picture books, that is."


Akhet: "A rising dawn which does not burn the flesh, but lovingly caress it."

Andromeda Morgan: "A beauty with hair of rouge, and a body with the scent of strawberries. Also the lost child of big business, but not begotten from it."

Faith Sakyubasu: "Not exactly the seductress that her name would suggest, but such things are not above her. One of the few fiends who may admire their abilities, but sees little reason to turn them on oneself."

Helena: "The mother of this one. Do I miss her? Terribly, as my relationship with her now, is quite different."

Hikari Ichikira: "A blend of Tradition, and Rebellion. Her dress honors what she left behind, and her demeanor does the same for the land she inhabits. Pity it is also in her nature to follow rules, which leaves some more cautious Blue Bloods wary of her appointment, even decades afterward."

Kyria: "Ah, the doll. But she is so much more, a vision of beauty in a a sea of such people, she stands out like a pale, bloodstained corpse in the snow. One of the many, who defies the judge called 'fate' with impunity."

Luna Moreau: "More than a woman, certainly. Very much unlike the standard calm Ventrue, in that she Is known to show emotion, especially to those who have crossed her, personally or no."

Nemu: "Child of Albion, who has lost little of such in his embrace. He may not appear as such, but if nothing else, his heart bears respect for the land which birthed him, even as he is not tied to it's soil."


Diablerie: "If there is any sin that can be committed by the damned, this would be it. However, it is among the things in which I will not do twice. As such, the judgement should perhaps be why this is what becomes a resort."

Embrace: "It means much more than death for those who are to be."

Golconda: "Is it no more than a dream for those who have been forced into undeath, or the lie told to fledgling kindred to as a tool of control? There is certainly an answer, but it may only be for those who would seek such a thing."

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Maxus Corvin
Maxus Corvin

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VtM: Character Perspectives Empty
PostSubject: Re: VtM: Character Perspectives   VtM: Character Perspectives EmptyMon Apr 08, 2013 12:31 pm

Kyria's Perspectives

The Clans

Assamite: "Stupid name much? Then again, they are news to me. "

Baali: "Nothing says I care about religion anymore, but..."

Brujah: Tough. Is it also a part of being one, that they have to rebel against...everything?

Cappadocian: "I think I met one once. I can't be sure though."

Followers Of Set: "Snakes? From what I've heard, I like their appearance, but beyond that..."

Gangrel: "Nice doggy. But I wouldn't say they are the Camarilla's attack dogs. Would you?"

Giovanni: "Gangsters with...what? Here I thought them with guns was bad enough."

Lasombra: "Vain bastards. Just because you can't see yourself, doesn't mean I want to look at you."

Malkavian: "Crazy, but fun."

Nosferatu: " way. Not even touching this one."

Ravnos: "Can't say I know how to even respond to that."

Samedi: "WHAT THE FUCK! "

Salubri: "Sounds bad, but I don't know who is right."

Toreador: "Say, care for a bite?"

Tremere: "Devious bastards. Sure, it might sound nice, but there seems to be enough red tape, that you can make a ball and play with it. "

Tzimisce: " Although, some of it might be pretty, most of it is the former."

Ventrue: Nothing says they won't help you. But it depends on a few things. If you gain their favor, it might be easier, but you would still want to be careful.

Catiff: "What is there to say about someone with no direction and what might be limitless potential? Nothing you can say to their face, as you should've left already."

Ghouls: "Useful in some respects, but they seem somewhat clingy. I know I look good, but you don't have to tell me every fucking hour. Or every time I look like I'm going to start a conversation with you."

The Sects

Camarilla: "If you can work your way in, it can be fine. Just, don't have a problem with a few kills to do it. Or dealing with people who want nothing more than to back-stab you  - when they didn't make that intent unclear the moment they met you."

Sabbat: "No comment. "


Kuei-Jin: "From what I've heard...I don't want to know any more."

Werewolves: "Apparently worse than any Gangrel, although, I'll say in the city – just in case."


Akhet: "She is not the caretaker many believe her to be. I'd imagine that some, human or kindred, have faced her anger, when they thought she would be submissive and malleable. Unlucky for them, she is neither of those things."

Andromeda Morgan: "An equal in some ways, at least. Other than that, I can't say much. Though there is that strawberry scent, which is something I think I have to try for myself."

Faith Sakyubasu: "One freaky woman. Although she isn't like the average Tzimisce, as it seems."

Hikari Ichikira: "If Luna is an iron fist, she is the blade clutched by it. Not what is expected, but in my opinion, it works."

Helena: "She might've been a crazy, sadistic, and evil bitch, but that doesn't change the fact that she, in some ways, at least, made herself a mother. For this child, she died twice. Once, so meeting him was possible, and again, so he would not face her crime alone."

Jackal: "Trust him. Why? Not only doesn't he lie, everything he does, or says he is going to do, gets done. If he says he will keep you alive, he will keep his word."

Luna Moreau: "A more, rational prince, if there ever was one. She wants facts, and every detail possible, but that doesn't mean she sends others to bloody their hands. She will gladly do it herself."

Nemu: "Seems he left an, unusual taste in my mouth. I like it, though."


Diablerie: "From what I've heard, it is risky for several reasons. Only, I doubt I'll be doing it again."

Embrace: "Blood for blood. Simple as that is, it soon becomes much more complex."

Golconda: "Maybe some may hope beyond hope that this exists, but I can hardly say I care. So what if I died? One can live much more in death than in life, and I wouldn't seek to change that."

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Maxus Corvin
Maxus Corvin

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PostSubject: Re: VtM: Character Perspectives   VtM: Character Perspectives EmptyTue Apr 09, 2013 5:56 am

Nemu's Perspective

The Clans

Assamite: "Do not compare me to them. I drink, but do not consume."

Baali: "Risky. Although I can't say much, since I haven't met one. Do I wish to? Perhaps not."

Brujah: "Idealism is never a bad thing. However, when you are quicker to raise your fists when you see that you are being denied, no matter what cause you were fighting for, perhaps one should only find another, if possible. Although, when you can break bones with a bare fist, you won't want to back down so easily, and rightly so."

Cappadocian: "A sad pity, both in that they faced something only one other clan has, and that one is still in existence, but rare. This one, was completely eliminated. And no kindred so much as gives a shit. "

Followers Of Set: "Never deal with them, unless you know what it is they want from you. However, even then, you do want to be careful, since once might become twice, and then you are the fool. "

Gangrel: "I understand. Believe me, I do. Few understand the feral nature, and they do to a degree that most clans will not. If one feels the need to howl, then why shouldn't they?"

Giovanni: "Tell me, do you know why they exist? It is for the same reason that the Tremere do, and yet, almost no one views them with the same contempt as the Tremere. Aside from those who have problems with what they do, be it the necromancy, or the criminal activities."

Lasombra: "They may seem like Ventrue, but they have something else wrong with them. But like Ventrue, they will not admit it – but you can SEE it."

Malkavian: Most want to think that they all spout bullshit. But those who know, understand that listening to a lunatic might just save your life.

Nosferatu: "You want information? How strong is your stomach, and what can you offer them?"

Ravnos: "The say don't deal with a Setite. But I'd say don't deal with a Ravnos, if you value your financial state. "

Salubri: "Short end of the bloody stick. Destroyed by lies and slander, and at this point, it is difficult to know if the lies are really lies, or not."

Samedi: "We are all corpses. But these are rotting corpses. Few can deal with them, verbal or physically, given the...smell."

Toreador: "I want to spout every negative thing there is about them, but then, my opinion of them was never that low."

Tremere: "Think of every single derogatory word there is. Once you do, a look at their history will allow you to use every single one, when referring to them."

Tzimisce: "Ah, welcome.  Those might be the last words you will ever respond to, but you would’ve likely done so mentally. Lucky for you, I do not need such things. "

Ventrue: "Calm, cool and collected. Most will always be all three, even as they bring the blade down on anyone who crosses the Camarilla. "

Catiff: "I'd say simply, don't fuck with them. Namely if you have no idea what they are capable of – which can be quite a lot."

Ghouls: "Never had any. I do not plan on changing that fact."

The Sects

Camarilla: "Do I like them? No. But going against them is foolish, since that is asking for trouble. However, my neck is free of a leash, and I will BITE anyone who deigns to give me one."

Sabbat: "Zealots. I care not for such things, and I never will."


Kuei-Jin: "What is there to say about rotting corpses with the delusion that they are any more exalted than kindred? Bullshit, and nothing more. They are damned and cursed, same as any of us. Consider any that speaks differently a liar, and a pretentious one at that."

Werewolves: "Big furry bastards. Why kill them? Simple – they will want to kill you first."


Akhet: "A strong woman, if nothing else. Some have said that she is no more than a babysitter for Jackal, but that idea is wrong. Of course, there are also those who believe her to be inferior, the fact that she is kindred having no baring on their argument. How foolish. "

Andromeda Morgan: "A Toreador you say? Only met her once, but that strawberry scent is unmistakeable. I wish I could do something for her, if only for a taste of her."

Faith Sakyubasu: "What do you want me to say? She embraced me, after I made the choice. But like myself, she isn't like most, even though she is still bound to the land which birthed her."

Helena: "Honestly wish I knew her. She certainly has earned my respect for killing that Tremere Primogen, and I will say that she has far more balls than I do because of it."

Hikari Ichikira: "Not the traditional Ventrue, but any who finds a problem with this, can be called foolish."

Jackal: "If nothing else, being friends or allies with him, will extend your lifespan, Kindred or not."

Kyria: "She is like a nice winter breeze, pleasant, but with a chill behind. Tasty, too."

Luna Moreau: "Going against her is like going against Caine. Only difference is that she is going to make you suffer first, before she kills you. Like most women, she will make you know EXACTLY what wrong was done. But unlike most, she will tell most of this to either your corpse, or your ashes."


Diablerie: "Although I would never do such a thing myself, I do not hold a 'hatred' of it."

Embrace: "While I have yet to do so myself, I cannot say I wouldn't. There is always a point where you find someone to shed blood for, but rarely do you have to give it to them, to show just how much you care."

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Maxus Corvin
Maxus Corvin

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PostSubject: Re: VtM: Character Perspectives   VtM: Character Perspectives EmptyTue Apr 09, 2013 5:49 pm

Nero's Perspective

The Clans

Assamite: What a way to get your fix. Fuck the cocaine, they binge on Vampire blood, and they NEED to. Just when you think drinking blood is enough, you hear about them.

Baali: Sounds cool, but dangerous.

Brujah: Cool it hot-head.

Cappadocian: Um, What? Wow.

Followers Of Set: No, no, I'll fix my problems on my own, thanks. Why are you...hissing?

Gangrel: I'm with Jackal on this one. Only, I just don't really get the...well, I guess I'd never leave the house if I could...fine, too much.

Giovanni: Control over death, and having a fascination with money? And...what?

Lasombra: The power sounds cool, and maybe I'm not vain, but things do reflect for a reason.

Malkavian: What did you call me...oh, I see. Should I beat you to death with this fish?

Nosferatu: Never seen that bloody movie, but where does the S&M gear come in?

Ravnos: Keep your bloody hands off my wallet

Salubri:  Once again, this seems to be something of trend here. What? They still exist, but the Tremere have it out for them? Just what did they do...oh, right. Legitimacy.

Samedi: Hey I think you lost someth....I don't know who to thank, God or Caine but I'm good with being insane.

Toreador: Be beautiful. Just keep a brain in that pretty skull.

Tremere: What? Magic? What the hell is wrong with that...oh right, death of a saint.

Tzimisce: I'm fine with a metal chair, thanks. Never wanted to BE furniture.

Ventrue: Luna isn't so bad, and obviously I can't say Vincent is either, but I'm sure there are worse examples.

Catiff: I don't mean to be demeaning, but they sound like kids. A lot of potential, and no direction to point it.

Ghouls: Sounds like no more than a pawn. One that lives and breathes. But I'd put more value in it, if I had a reason to have one.

The Sects

Camarilla: I'm good with it. Hopefully, I'll never have to deal with any of the bullshit.

Sabbat: Is there even a point to this? The point of a sword? Oh, I get it. “Fuck Caine's childer”, right? Aren't they Childer of Caine too?


Kuei-Jin: I've heard enough, and believe me, I don't like them either. Maybe some might be agreeable, at least, but I wouldn't stick out my neck to find her.

Werewolves: Nice do...Tell me I'm dreaming. You're telling me these damn things are a bitch to deal with? Is that a joke, or do you mean that?


Andromeda Morgan: "Most of what I have to say, isn't about her. I never met her personally, although I cannot say she should've died like that. From what I've been told, she deserved something better, as cliché as that might be."

Faith Sakyubasu: "Might be something of a bitch, but that's only before you get to know her. Dresses like the doma in a BDSM club, and has something of the attitude to back it up."

Hikari Ichikira: "Strict as she seems, she is kinda nice. I'd suggest not pissing her off though. Mostly because she would keep that calm, cold stare as she jams a blade through your stomach."

Helena: "What exactly do you want me to say? I didn't know her but...somehow, I feel as if I do. Like a whisper in my ear."

Jackal: "Doesn't matter what he looks like. Don't think ill of him, nor pity him. He doesn't need either, as he can take care of himself. I'd also say do not disrespect him, as he has friends in high places, even if he has his own tower."

Kyria: "Man, she is cold. Her bad side is worse than a northern winter, and even worse, it can kill you."

Luna Moreau: "As a Prince, she seems unusual. As a woman...well, she seems more than that. I do not know why that is though."


Diablerie: "That god. Although, it may sound nice, but...really? Then I'll say this - you couldn't pay me, as irrelevant as money might be in a situation like that."
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Maxus Corvin
Maxus Corvin

Posts : 478
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VtM: Character Perspectives Empty
PostSubject: Re: VtM: Character Perspectives   VtM: Character Perspectives EmptyWed Sep 11, 2013 7:14 am

Marius' Perspective

The Clans

Assamite: Slaves to blood, but not just any. Cursed by the Tremere, they are the only clan that will voluntarily seek Vampiric Vitae, the moment their embrace is completed.

Baali: Understand this - the filth and deviancy of the clan is not exactly what I subscribe myself to. I have my own ways, which do not include staining the beauty of a body, human or otherwise, to nature's filth.

Brujah: A tragedy, in the form of the usual rebellious punks who needs only lay claim to a cause, and as such, their nature is revealed.

Cappadocian: What do I think? Simple. They were too far entrenched in the 'mystery' of death, while the ones that replaced them, seem to either understand far better, or they merely use the powers they have, without worrying about the souls they play with.

Followers Of Set: If there ever was an example of the Jyhad in the form of a clan, they would be it. They have rivals, of course, but they keep their intentions fresh in the minds of those indebted to them, and they will never have this fact be forgotten.

Gangrel: I can certainly understand. To know what it is to want to howl at the moon, to live as a creature whose only concern is survival, be it in the middle of the day, or the dark of the night.

Giovanni: Why does no one curse them, like the Tremere? Why are they far less mistrusted? Well, they took immortality, sure, but their founder had to be legitimately embraced first, which could be considered a mistake, at least for the one who embraced him. Tremere and his Ilk? Treachery and betrayal bought them immortality.

One can be seen, but not reflected. This aside, seeing them is not always limited to require their presence.

Malkavian: Trying to sort the wisdom from the bullshit can be a task in itself, and may just drive anyone insane. Still, at times there is worth in insanity, for anyone.

Nosferatu: Good if you need information, and are willing to pay. Just make sure to properly arrange the meeting, as them popping up in ones haven may just be enough to give a heart attack to one whose heart doesn't beat.

Ravnos: No illusions, no bullshit. Personally, I really would not want to deal with one. You think the Ventrue can backstab someone, HAH.

Salubri: How saintly. Still, no matter what might be thought, I simply don't care.

Samedi: Good for laughs, I suppose. Some think the Nosferatu are scary, let me direct you otherwise.

Toreador: Don't be fooled. Not all of them are obsessed with humanity. It's a pity that most of them are.

Tremere: How can you call such rigorously structured and highly intelligent Vampires, fools? When they view a slight variance in the blood, as anything but something to be concerned about.  'oh, maybe they are from a different house'. IDIOTS.

Tzimisce: Some may call the Nosferatu monsters, but they lay claim to darkness. This clan does as well, but they like to show themselves off. Along with their havens, which may just have someone serving as their bed, throne, nightstand...dartboard...need I go on?

Ventrue: Blood and Money. They like a certain sort, and none other will do. As for the money, well, I'm sure the idea of a poor blue-blood is what others would consider obscene.

Catiff: Hard to tell if one is. If you so much as THINK someone might be, get ready for some serious shit.

Ghouls: Simple advice? Don't keep too many. One, perhaps two. The reason? Best not spread your blood around so easily.

The Sects

Camarilla: There are Vampires within it who understand that existence as a Vampire sometimes means breaking their often cited rules, but there are even more who would either do so and deny it, or they would simply never do so - or at least, only they know if they did.

Sabbat: Fuck off. That is what the lot of them can do. Why? Because although I may embrace what I am, I have no wish to don a throne of corpses, with many more in the wings to feed my lust for blood.


Kuei-Jin: No, no, NO. Nothing but pretentious bullshit.

Werewolves: So I smell? SO WHAT. That aside, if you never so much as SEE one of these, either start praying , or hope luck is on your side.


Andromeda Morgan: How I would love to imbibe even a drop of...sorry, lost in thought. Anyway, were I of lesser intelligence, I would certainly follow her around like a puppy. She and I may have conflicting views, but that doesn't mean I hold any sort of hatred for her.

Helena: So she killed a Tremere Primogen. From what I've heard, he was a right bastard who simply could not cease his distaste for her. I think his death was deserved. Why? It's simple - you never piss off a mother who can and will, drive you insane. BEFORE she kills you.

Jackal: For some, words are never enough. However, if I can say anything it's this - if you think you understand him, what he will do - you do not.

Kyria: You know how they say that at some point, all Ice Queens will defrost? Saying this about her is lying. It is certainly true that all ice thaws, but inevitably, the water it leaves behind can freeze again. Quicker, if one can MAKE it happen.

Nero: Certainly not one to start massive and glorious fires, but then, why is that even needed? Like many fledglings, the reason for his embrace, even if it was fully legal in the eyes of the Camarilla, it still has many wondering about it.

Luna Moreau:
Does it matter that she is a woman? Not at all. In fact, many have found that it is worse, since the limits that would hinder a man in her position, do not hinder her at all. If she has a bad side, I do not wish to see it.


Diablerie: And? Many suggest that this is the worst thing a kindred can do. I'd say, that it depends on the reason, and how many times they would do it.

Golconda: Is it real? If so, I have no intention of seeing it. Why? Redemption isn't what I am looking for.
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VtM: Character Perspectives
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