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 Custom Music Trouble

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Malkavian Ventrue
Malkavian Ventrue

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Custom Music Trouble Empty
PostSubject: Custom Music Trouble   Custom Music Trouble EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 7:33 pm

Hello All, I Downloaded The Camarilla Edition And so far I Give it a 10/10 Except That I Read The Custom Club Guide And It Says "First step: open all the empty folders in the mymusic folder until you get to asphole;"
And I Did So And There Are No Folders For The Clubs In the mymusic folder.
The Dj's Show up Just fine So i was wondering what i could do?
Custom Music Trouble Help
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Childe of Malkav
Beyond Caine
Beyond Caine
Childe of Malkav

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Custom Music Trouble Empty
PostSubject: Re: Custom Music Trouble   Custom Music Trouble EmptyThu Mar 10, 2011 4:32 pm

welcome to the forum.

I don't have an installed version of CE 1.4 available right now, so all I can do right now is more or less guesswork from memory, as I'm currently changing the whole system for the custom music.
Did you only install the plain CE 1.4, or do you also have the patch?
From what I can see in your screenshot, you are currently in the dialog folder. Isn't there also a folder
-bloodlines\clubmusic\mymusic\vampire\sound\music\clubs\ and then \asylum, \confession, \asp hole? or something similar
I do know, something got lost while packing the files for the installer.
If the path is really missing there, you should be able to retrieve it by copying the contents from the other (backup) folder in -bloodlines\clubmusic. If I recall right, the backup folder is called default, because it contains not only the empty directory structure, but also the mp3 files for the vanilla and CE music.

If you can't fix it this way, send me a PM. Then we can set up the music for you directly in the game files.

Sorry, this is all I can tell you right now. For more specific help, I'd need more info, and I have to ask specific questions then...

- geek

- geek

Tuesday is Soylent Green day.
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Custom Music Trouble
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