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 TFN 1.4.1 Samedi

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PostSubject: TFN 1.4.1 Samedi   TFN 1.4.1 Samedi EmptyThu Apr 21, 2016 2:30 pm

Hello again...the last time happened about 1.5-2 years ago!

Thank you for doing this! a decade ago I could not wait to see VTM:B, these days - you are the light at the end of this tunnel. Since World of Darkness MMO is cancelled - the only way I can get in touch with this universe is You guys!

This time I've started with Samedi: chose +2 Hacking and Samedi have initial +1 Obfuscate
= I was smart enough to amplify the advantage and invested the initial discipline point into obfuscate, that gave me 3 in Obfuscate from the beginning.

Later in the game, I've figured out, that if I had not done so- the game would have been uber-hard. Since every- time anyone sees you= criminal violation > super-cops appear and you become subject to police brutality.

1) Here I would like to stop and talk a little bit more about criminal violation: In Hollywood and Chinatown no Human NPC wants to talk to me!!! The moment they see you- they are scared of you, even if it is "safe zone" (Haven) I used to sneak behind them using Obfuscate and then talk to them! BUT the guy from Red Dragon in China town is impossible sneak upon using obfuscate and he is responsible for the storyline! There is a millisecond when you appear from behind the corner and you can initiate the dialogue before the Criminal Violation notification appears.

Others, even if you initiate the dialogue, if they have weapons (Yuki and Tzeng) will shoot or attack you.  
People run away from you in night clubs -and no Masquerade violation, but criminal violation.

You could say "it is normal"- but in Santa Monica and Downtown, everything is fine.

The rest is just fine! I was the one who complained here, that I could simply walk in the middle of the street and nobody would pay attention to me.

1.1) I've figured out that cops are a good snack, so sometimes I would commit a Criminal Violation by showing my ugly face on the street on a reason- to lure a couple of them into a dark corner, after one is gone the other following him, would usually end up my blood donor. - They need some kind of union protection (work hazard Very Happy)  

2) Humanity loss
Taking money/ stealing money/ hacking money- takes away a humanity point every time. I can kill 3 cops and not loose a single humanity point (at level of 3) and then steal 100$ by hacking a PC and loose it- wtf?! supposed to be not a big deal when you are already at 3 Humanity
3) Rage:
I thought it would not be a big deal, but looks like you've done great job! I used to loose my temper all the time every @#ing where! The only problem is, if that happens to you on the street- game crushes 100% I did not care about loosing my @#$ in the middle of a fight, I was worried that game crushes all the time. I had to go to night clubs and get it back - dancing corpse is fun Very Happy

4) Armor:
That stash is actually 10 lockpicking level, not 8, like I've seen somewhere in the manual (or I may be mistaken)

5) Empty stashes with high level of hacking or locking
There are many places in game where you need high level of skills but it is empty. I know you did it on a reason, but since you've introduced your own stashes - I think it would be fair if you populated those too (like the one at the Metal Head in Hollywood)
Another concern of mine is the one at the Red Dragon: it requires level 10 lockpicking, but it is a Haven = no disciplines allowed. What can be so precious there that will worth investing 5 points in Security and 4 in Dexterity?  I have a combination of 3 in Dex, 3 in Bloodbuff and 4 in Security- pretty optimal to my opinion, as there are only ...or there is only one place in game where I need 10 lockpicking with no buff.
So I can buy charms from Ox, I got flamethrower in Hollywood using 8 Inspection, I picked up Armor from Mercurio's neighbour... what could be in that box? 10 XP or Rocket Launcher? Very Happy

6) Hallowbrook Hotel:
Remember I've told you 2 years ago about those 3 Vampire girls that appear in the room before the Tremere enchantress? They crush the PC every time you use a Thanatosis discipline on any of them? Well ...the bug is still there = I had to unpower the PC.

7) Thanatosis:
>Compress is OP. I think you've increased the cooldown but it is damn powerful... which is ok, assuming how powerful those with the firearms.

Cool Tzimisce
2nd form is a way more powerful that it used to be (nice) But I don't remember him being able to cancel my self-buff disciplines. I like it, I like that he can push/damage me with his mass spells.

9) Sheriff:
Can't see obfuscated (I thought, he was a Gangrel, and could see things) The first time I see a boss unable to see through Obfuscate.
And his 2nd form is from Vanilla and weak + he does not use the same disciplines as in vanilla- he used to use some kind of sonar scream, this time, I just stood there and shot him. Every boss has more life, more damage, more power, but not this form of Sheriff.

10) Bertram does not ask about Enigma Machine I got from Akeem
11) and I still don't know what to do with the data from Kamikaze Zen...Mitnik is not there
12) Manholes do not work after Kamikaze Zen- you are forever stuck in the sewers. The solution is not to go there, but go to the Fu Syndicate and then to Giovanni's- after that everything works fine.
13) Ventru tower Evan and Gregorry (or whatever their names are) have female bodys Very Happy

14) I gave my blood to that girl at the hospital but she never found me... In previous versions she always finds you no matter what. I duno, may be there is something different for Nosferatu.

Good thing: specially would like to notice that flamethower does not kill any boss instantly in this version -that is good!

But, those Tong guys at the Frozen Foods- when they see it or you- they stop fighting and run away scared Very Happy not always but sometimes they do.

1) I noticed that you've reduced the amount of XP points one can get from Quests, especially in Chinatown, but it is still not that bad ...may be without obfuscate and Compress- Hallowbrook will be the same hell as I found myself in, when I first played. But still worth a challenge.

2) Can you give all hunters disciplines? Not just guys in Matrix-style jackets? Increase their damage or something .... more of them? Because Obfuscate makes you an OP. Or if you get even level 3 or 4 Fortitude - bullet no longer harm you...that much. I understand that not every clan has Fortitude or Obfuscate.

3) Can there be something more valuable in stashes and PC hacking? Loosing 1 Humanity for a 100$?

4) Ventru tower SWAT can we imagine that they are ghouls on Ventru blood and have supernatural abilities or strength? or Being Dominated by Prince himself and therefore can give player some hard times?

P.S. I have played so many times and every time I find something new. Something that has been there since the beginning but I've never noticed
This time I've figured out that if you give Garry photo of Nosferatu - +2 XP and an Artfact; You blackmail Strauss and get money +2XP; those masked knife fighters at the Grout mansion are females Very Happy
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TFN 1.4.1 Samedi
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